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Here is a selection of procedures undertaken on a Smart Car “C” Service:

Please note, this is not a comprehensive list & a full system diagnostics will be conducted with every service.

          • Replace Oil with Smart Approved Oil
          • Replace Smart Genuine Oil Filter
          • Replace Smart Genuine Air Filter
          • Replace Smart Approved Spark Plugs
          • Replace Smart Genuine Fuel Filter
          • Clean and Adjust Rear Handbrake
          • Grease Door Hinges and Locks
          • Check Tyre Pressures
          • Check Wheel Bolt Torque Settings
          • Check Smart Car Brake Fluid Water Content Level
          • Check Smart Car Engine Coolant and Top Up
          • Check and Top Up Windscreen Wash
          • Check Smart Car Lighting Circuit inc Indicators
          • Check Smart Car Wiper Blades and Function of Washers
          • Check Smart Car Front Brakes for Pad and Disk Wear
          • Check Smart Car Rear Brakes For Leaking Cylinders
          • Check Smart Car Wheels for Damage
          • Check Smart Car Brake Lines
          • Check Oil Pan for leaks
          • Check ABS Rings On Rear for Splits
          • Check Smart Car Engine for leaks
          • Check Smart Car Transmission for leaks
          • Check Smart Car Exhaust for leaks and being loose
          • Check Seat Belts and Buckles
          • Check Smart Car Tyres and Note Depths
          • Check V Belts and Tighten Accordingly
          • Check Smart Car Wheel Bearings
          • Check Function of Horn