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Important Notice

It is with deep regret that S2Smarts Ltd will be closed temporarily with our last trading day at our current address being 18th October this year.

Our landlords do not consider us worthy of being here anymore, not wanting dirty motor vehicle people on there estate and do not wish to renew our lease after 11 years.

Unfortunately, the place we are supposed to be moving too, the landlords there have informed us that the tenants are refusing to move out in the time the landlords have given them, which means the transition we hoped would happen, now will not happen, leaving us in limbo, meaning we could be shut down until the New Year, which of course we do not want for our customers sake and my own staff.

We will be keeping the same number, being transferred to our mobile and will be keeping everyone informed of our progress through our Website and Facebook and Forums.

We thank everyone for there support over the years and hope we will be up and running soon, to be able to look after our customers again.


Rob Baker FDSc