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Here is a selection of procedures undertaken on a Smart Car "A" Service:
Please note, this is not a comprehensive list & a full system diagnostics will be conducted with every service.

Replace Oil with Smart Approved Oil
Replace Smart Genuine Oil Filter
Grease Door Hinges and Locks
Check Tyre Pressures
Check Wheel Bolt Torque Settings
Check Smart Car Brake Fluid Water Content Level
Check Smart Car Engine Coolant and Top Up
Check and Top Up Windscreen Wash
Check Smart Car Lighting Circuit inc Indicators
Check Smart Car Wiper Blades and Function of Washers
Check Smart Car Front Brakes for Pad and Disk Wear
Check Smart Car Rear Brakes For Leaking Cylinders
Check Smart Car Wheels for Damage
Check Smart Car Brake Lines
Check Oil Pan for leaks
Check ABS Rings On Rear for Splits
Check Smart Car Engine for leaks
Check Smart Car Transmission for leaks
Check Smart Car Exhaust for leaks and being loose
Check Seat Belts and Buckles
Check Smart Car Tyres and Note Depths
Check V Belts and Tighten Accordingly
Check Smart Car Wheel Bearings
Check Function of Horn

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